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As an ERP Integration Services Outsourcing Partner, Deltasoft provides result-oriented project management and transparent communication on a large scale. We offer on-demand, offshore, remote ERP integration services outsourcing and support with a guaranteed on budget and on-time delivery for your outsourced business and projects. Our development and consulting team provides full software development lifecycle services, including project management, development, design, testing, delivery and support. We analyze requirements and suggest the most suitable technology for our Business Partner’s needs and budget. Our tailor-made software solutions and development bring added value to your business and to your customers.


Key advantages of outsourcing to Delatsoft:

Cost efficiencies

The outsourcing we are offering allows our Business Pratners to realize cost savings via access to our specialized experience without the burdensome fixed costs of a full-time employee or the time-intensive and high-priced option of re-training current employees for new IT skills. At the same time, this outsourcing eliminates additional expenses associated with certificates, office equipment, and other infrastructure.


Deltasoft, as an ERP Integration Services Provider, can promptly scale when our Business Partners need additional support and resources that will allow a rapid project initiation and ensures faster time-to-market.


Our Business Partners can access skills “on-demand” allowing them to expand their team to include broader expertise and tap into state-of-the-art technologies quickly. This allows our Business Partners to have teams assembled that are best-suited for each project’s needs.

Reduced risk

With the rapid pace of change in the marketplace, responsiveness is key during the development phase. Businesses can scale our Business Partners’ teams up or down as needed if the business environment or the requirements change (as we saw with COVID-19). Deltasoft has the workforce to meet tight deadlines and is accustomed to working within set budgets which are much less flexible with full-time, salaried employees.


Quality support

We focus our efforts on the quality of the services provided to our Business Partners. To achieve this, we rely on a team of experienced consultants who combine methodological know-how with in-depth business knowledge.

Commitment to results

We are constantly concerned with the achievement of the objectives set by our partners in the implementation of our projects. We ensure the viability of the choices made upstream and guarantee the necessary transfer of skills downstream.

Approved expertise

We accelerate the transformation of our clients and Business Partners through the digitalization of their processes and the modernization of teamwork. We use the best Agile concepts and tools for this. Our technical expertise enables us to support our clients and partners in all their projects on collaborative platforms.

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