Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV 2016 multi-devices

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a multi-lingual and multi-currency business management solution that helps more than 117,000 companies within  the world of finance management, accounting, logistics chains and operations. First, you have got to start out with what you need now and adapt your solution as your needs evolve. In the Microsoft Cloud or on your servers, you will have a choice.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a fast, easy-to-use, multi-device Microsoft business solution will definitely meet your business ambitions.

  • – Streamline and connect your business.
    – Whether you deploy your applications out in the cloud or on your servers.
    – Improve productivity and simplify communication by connecting your employees between each other (Intra-communication).
    – Manage an international company, distributed on different sites, done with ERP functionalities.
    – Combine e-mail, calendars, and other files with data, reports, and your management software reports with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Today, more than 117,000 customers use Microsoft Dynamics NAV in more than 40 countries to successfully manage their companies.

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