Apparel & Textile

Apparel & Textile for Microsoft Dynamics AX addresses the most complex requirements of item coding traceability and process flexibility for companies producing and marketing textile and apparel items, from fibers to yarns, industrial fabrics, home textiles, carpets, clothing, footwear, designer collections and fashion accessories.


Manage complexity for comprehensive traceability.

Handle numerous material and product variables effectively with multidimensional item coding that enables you to track from raw fibers to
finished goods and back. Trace materials through variable sourcing and manufacturing processes, subcontractors, inventory, and logistics.


Increase agility with adaptable processes for sourcing, manufacturing, and shipment allocations.

Use blanket orders, neutral bills of material, multiline manufacturing orders, and variable routing and allocation simulations to meet changing customer and supplier requirements.


Take control of costs and profitability.

Integrate material, item, order, and cost information with comprehensive financial management and reporting tools. For example, gain insight into seasonal or brand collectionsperformance or monitor profitability forvarious distribution channels


Respond effectively to changing conditions.

Gain insight with the ability to run simulations and model new processes that adapt to changes in product lines, manufacturing capabilities, supply partners, production geographies, vertical integration, and


Streamline supply chain interactions.

Take advantage of multicurrency, multilanguage, and multisite support to speed transactions, improve transparency, and facilitate consolidated financial reporting.


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