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DELTA GROUP provides for her customers a genuine role in controlling financial management. Sage 1000 FRP Treasury is designed to streamline your flows in order to ensure an immediate reduction of your financial expenses and to improve your company’s profit. This offer is aimed at companies looking for a powerful management solution simple to use and fast to implement; Your return on investment is assured in the very short term.

It allows you to implement the necessary functions as your needs evolve without questioning the existing: Treasury Management, Banking Communication, Payment Methods Management and Bank Reconciliation.

The Sage 1000 FRP Treasury offer, enhances the daily company's productivity, regardless of size, organization and industry. This Sage 1000 FRP Treasury offer  integrates easily and securely within any information system.


The main functionalities                                                                                        A Surplus of the Sage 1000 Treasury solution

Management of cash flow forecasts                                                                         A clear vision of your balances to control your future cash flow

Simulation and arbitration                                                                                         Productivity gains

Balances check out with date of transaction & value date                                   Real-time data sharing and control improvement

Cash pooling management (ZBA / internal)                                                             Secure your data with advanced access rights

Intra-group management                                                                                           Follow-up of the treasury budget  

Automatic balancing                                                                                                    Available in Cloud mode and On Premise mode

Follow-up of funding and short- term investements

Audits and hearings of banking conditions

Recognition and measurement decisions and cash flows

Follow-up of the treasury budget

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