Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Microsoft Dynamics AX provides simplicity, power and agility to mid-sized companies and large group affiliates. It presents an ERP of a new generation that supports your business dynamism, competitiveness and the ability of your company to be more adaptable to changing market conditions. With over 1,000 new, standard or sectoral features, Microsoft Dynamics AX helps build business value, agility, and overall visibility into your business. Its great simplicity allows a wider adoption, while facilitating maintenance and updates.

Installation rapide
Take good decisions fast

Get real-time information on an easy-to-use mobile platform to be more productive.

Compatible avec la mobilité
Transform faster your business

Help improve the planning and execution of your business with a coherent and a user-friendly solution.

Plateforme Microsoft
Develop your own rythm of work

Take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud to evolve globally and grow at your own pace.

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics AX can accelerate your business and transform it for a better way.

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