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Power BI

A business intelligence solution developed by Microsoft that is designed to analyze your business performance. Power BI allows you to monitor your activity through enhanced dashboards available on all your devices. It transforms your company’s data into rich visual elements that you can easily organize so you can focus on what’s really important.

Power BI

Power BI

Consolidated data

Power BI allows you to centralize your organization’s data from multiple platforms: ERP, CRM, Excel documents, etc. thus access a complete overview of your company’s activity for informed decision-making.

Unlimited access to your data

View your data from a smartphone or tablet using the application available on Android, iOS or Windows. Benefit from updated information in real time thanks to the contribution of your teams.

Real time information

With Power BI dashboards continuously powered by your people, you can monitor your organization’s performance in real time.

Visualization of your data

Track your company’s activity in real time with Power BI and its dynamic dashboard. This cloud service makes it easy to query your company’s performance with its intuitive ergonomics that delivers complete visual analysis reports.
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