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We discuss your offshore resourcing requirements

Covering topics such as daily tasks, KPI’s, existing qualifications and systems knowledge, years of experience within similar roles and what hours of work they will be required to perform.
These components are essential in creating your ideal offshore candidate profiles, which then get passed onto our Human Resources department to understand the costs of setting up your offshore team. We will then share a transparent and fully itemized cost proposal outlining the costs associated with your offshore team so you can then determine if our offshoring solution fits your business requirements.

We can also recruit and employ your offshore team

In the second step, we review the job descriptions you have created for your offshore team. These job descriptions include the ideal qualifications, level of experience, knowledge of systems and any other qualities you feel are necessary for us in order to assign internal resources or recruit the right person for the job. Just as you write job descriptions for your onshore team, you do the same for your offshore staff. Just as you write job descriptions for your onshore team, you do the same for your offshore staff. We then present you with our shortlist so that you can select the staff that best suits your business, your corporate culture and your team dynamics.
Once you have selected the right people for your team, we will then set them up by organizing all infrastructure requirements, such as setting up their offices and ensuring that the right IT systems and equipment are ready to use from day one.

We support the operation of your offshore team

Once we have your team set up on our side, it’s then time for you to start organizing their onboarding and training including things like how to use your systems, what processes and workflows they need to use and overall company culture and history to help them feel as much a part of your business success as possible.
When you are satisfied that they are up to speed with all of the onboarding requirements, it’s time to start assigning them tasks and managing their work in progress. You will be able to delegate, coordinate and organize all of the tasks your offshore team does, the same way you would for your onshore team. Our management team will keep supporting your offshore management team on an operational level and ensure that staff productivity, performance and engagement activities’ levels are high through monitoring work habits and compliance.

The Keys to Success

Take the time

Offshoring is an opportunity to expand your business faster and save on costs. However, a minimum amount of time needs to be invested up front for an optimized results. However, a minimum amount of time needs to be invested up front for an optimized results. Supported by our Management Team, you are invited to train, mentor and speak with your offshore team on an ongoing basis, just as you do with your onshore team. This will improve the quality of service for both you and your customers, and consequently lead to a stronger return on investment.

Treat the offshore team like your onshore team

The offshore team is considered as part of your business. Just like your local (onshore) team, they will perform best and work towards your company and project’s goals when they feel included and when they have excellent working relationships with their colleagues and managers. Build strong relationships will make them happier and more productive in their roles.

Dedicate ‘champions’ to manage them

The offshore team is a critical part of your business. They need to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitude they’ll need to fill that role in order to ensure excellent team cohesion, collaboration and goal alignment. The best way we recommend is to dedicate ‘champions’ to your offshore team – one onshore and one offshore. Their role is to glue the two teams together, making it far more likely the outcomes you seek are achieved. The onshore champion will be a corner stone to manage and communicate with your offshore team and to ensure an intimate understanding of your business and culture and also to provide clarification and guidance to your offshore team.

Create clear systems and processes

Clear systems and processes will help to accomplish a higher performance and more efficient work and contribute to achieve a return on investment much faster. DELTASOFT has a great deal of experience in all of these areas. We’ll walk you through the process of setting up your systems and processes, and once you’re up and running, we’ll offer proactive advice whenever we see an opportunity for improvement.
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