Deltasoft – Intégrateur des solutions ERP

Exploit your data throughout its life cycle !

We support you at every stage of your project: audit, BI architecture recommendation, deployment of your business intelligence solution, design of your data models and reports, user training, support… Our experts strive to provide you with user-friendly, interactive and visually immersive reports and solutions, following the best practices in data visualisation. Our goal is to make data clearer, so you can make better decisions that improve the success of your business.

Turn your data into relevant information to optimise your performance

Stay in control of access to your data

With our BI solutions, you retain control over access to your data and you choose the groups of users that you administer. This way, you can control your results and make them more reliable.

Choose the key information

Our business intelligence solutions allow you to highlight key information about your business in real time. This way you always have an accurate picture of your current economic situation.

Distribute and share your dashboards

Our Business Intelligence solutions allow you to easily distribute and share your reports and dashboards. You can create alerts on your key indicators, share the information with your colleagues and communicate effectively with your colleagues, customers, suppliers and financial partners.

Your reports from Excel or from a web portal

With our solutions, you can produce your reports in a few clicks on an Excel® spreadsheet or from a web portal. This gives you greater visibility and responsiveness in your day-to-day analysis and decision-making.

Your benefits

Make the best decisions

Bring in added value to your entie organization by providing support to the relevant and coherent decision

Increase your productivity

Create your own analytical templates with which you could compare all your data in a quick and adapted way, fitted perfectly on all devices

Sharing decision-making information

Identify untapped opportunities and anticipate the risks

Optimize your resources

Focus on your core and then quickly develop your business

Why choose us?

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