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Mastering the access of your data

With DELTA GROUP solutions, you remain the master of the access to your data and choose the groups of users that you are managing. So that you keep your results in control and make them reliable.

Choose Key information

Our decision-making solutions allow you to emphasize on the key information of your activity in an actual time. You then always keep track of an accurate picture of your current economic situation.

Broadcast and share your dashboards

Our decision-making solutions easily allow you to broadcast and share your reports and dashboards. You can create alerts on your key indicators, share information with your employees and communicate efficiently with your colleagues, customers, suppliers and financial partners. .

Your reports from Excel or from a web-portal

Thanks to our decision-making solutions, you will be carrying out your reports in just a few clicks on an Excel® spreadsheet or from a web portal. From then, you will get more visibility and reactivity in analysis and decision-making.

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